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Douglas Little

los angeles, CA
douglas little, founder of D.L. & Co., was born of the desire to bring objects of opulence and beauty to those who yearn for the uncommon and exquisite.

every item designed is intended to unfold like a love letter, each detail revealing a procession of small delights. like the purveyors of curious goods in previous ages, every item is intended to stir and enthrall each and every one of the senses, from the sleek feel of the carefully selected silk ribbons to the intoxicating atmospheres of the handmade fragrances. his love of rare botanica, arcane curiosities and long-forgotten sensations compel him to offer these modern heirlooms.

alchemy is the art of transformation; like those alchemists before him, little aspires to turn leaden monotony into golden bliss. through the intertwined poetry of the senses, D.L. & Co. intends to transform the mundane into the magnificent.

mr. douglas little is the modern alchemist and purveyor of curious goods.

(*interview provided by dl & co.)

what separates dl & co. candles from the rest?
this is a two-fold question as there are the technical and or ingredient related differences and then there are the esthetic differences and what d.l.&co. represents as a brand.

my background has always been rooted in fragrance and product development, when i began the creation of my candles i wanted to work from a perspective of pure design and passion for my craft. i did not want to let the cost of materials inhibit the creation of an incredible product and experience. in the past i worked as a creative director for a prestigious line of cosmetics and personal care items. on more occasions than i would like to admit the quality of a product was sacrificed due to budget constraints and minds that were not able to "think outside of the box". what i began to realize is that- we as consumers, were at the dawning of a new age- where quality and an artistic approach to the development of a product became vital to the success of a new luxury brand. (i apologize for this long winded introduction- however its gives you a bit more insight into d.l.&co.)

the fragrances for d.l.&co. are always the beginning- i have a collection of hundreds of rare oils and extracts form all over the globe that i have been acquiring for many years. i begin with an inspiration and then blend these rare oils and extracts until it embodies the feeling of my fragrance name or concept. these rare and precious oils are incredibly fragile and are not typically utilized for candles- they are used for the making of fine fragrances to be worn on the body. this was my first challenge in the creation of my candles- formulating a special blend of waxes that would translate the delicate, raw fragrance notes into the atmosphere when burned without interference from petroleum and other common ingredients in most candles. paraffin wax which is the most common wax used for candle making is made from petroleum and has a strong odor which has to be disguised with intense synthetic fragrances.

i created a special blend of soy, maple and palm waxes that was able to support my specific fragrance needs and was also able to hold the high amount of fragrance that is in each of my candles. d.l.&co. candles hold between 12 to 14% of fragrance oil, which is considerably higher than most other perfumed candles. traditional perfumed candles range between 2 to 8% of fragrance oil- candle making is such a science as too much fragrance with the wrong wax formulation can make the candle smoke or burn improperly.

another attribute of the d.l.&co. wax is it's velvety texture. if you run your fingers across the surface of the wax you immediately notice the dramatic difference. it is soft and silky and feels more like a hand lotion than candle wax- so many times i hear stories of customers who rub the wax onto their skin and wear it as a personal fragrance!

another factor that differentiates d.l.&co. candles from others is our packaging- it is a labor of much love and attention to detail. i wanted the packaging and esthetic to have the refinement and elegance of the past yet feel incredibly modern all at the same time. the most important part was to create a "gift" that needed no packaging. in today's busy lifestyle- time has become one of the precious commodities. i knew that there was many others just like me that wanted to have an exquisite gift item to turn to that not only was elegant and beautiful but also a little decadent. each d.l.&co. candle comes handsomely packaged in a silk box with a satin ribbon bow; the distinctive scalloped glass vessel was inspired by the art deco movement and is offered in an array of frosted colors. each of vessels is meticulously wrapped in a procession of hand-pleated tissue and comes complete with a blank note card and envelope for gift giving.

where is the ideal place to light a candle and why?
candles should always be lit in a place with little to no draft- this is very important to the burning of the candle. if there is too much of a draft the candle may burn unevenly and or too quickly. to get the best distribution of fragrance in a room you will want the entire surface of the candle to be liquefied- fragranced candles should not be left to burn for more than 4 hours at a time and the wicks should always be kept trimmed to 1/4 of an inch to get the maximum burn time out of a candle.

you are described as a "sybarite of the senses." where did this passion come from?
i am a designer that utilizes the senses as my canvas- i create unique objects, fragrance, furnishings, adornments and ideas that capture the imagination with elegance, wit and whimsy.

how do you define luxury?
i define luxury as a feeling that something conveys- for me it can be found in a chord of music, the plush electricity of velvet or the bittersweet euphoria of dark chocolate and red wine when consumed together.

how is a new product developed and executed for the line?
i craft products thru story- this could be a person, or a period of time or a place- then i create a story about one or all of those things- what would they want, need or desire- how would it work and why. historical research is one of my favorite things to do and is a vital part of my process. the execution is the most difficult part as i push d.l.&co. to explore the unexplored and to innovate.

what can fans expect in the future from dl & co?
they should expect the unexpected.

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